DVR and Combination DVR/HD Receivers

ViP 922

With the ViP® 922 SlingLoadedTM DVR, you get all the great features of an HD DVR receiver at home or on the go. Manage your DVR from your laptop, iPhone & other compatible mobile devices.

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DuoDVRTM ViP – Two Room HD DVR

DuoDVRTM ViP is an advanced MPEG-4 dual-tuner high definition satellite receiver and integrated digital video recorder (DVR) providing the ability to view independent programming on two televisions. View and record DISH Network high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) programming.

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DuoDVRTM 625 – Two Room Standard DVR

DISH Player-DVR 625’s dual tuners and two TV outputs provide the unique ability to record two shows simultaneously as well as allow for independent viewing of live satellite TV programming and recorded events when connected to two televisions.

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High Definition Receivers

Solo DVR ViP® – One Room HD DVR

This single-room, dual-tuner MPEG-4 DVR stores a maximum of 30 hours of HD programming, or 200 hours of standard programming, or a mix of both. It features parental locks, on-screen caller ID, access to multip